St Lucy Designs

St Lucy Designs is an eclectic selection of humorous and wonderfully drawn illustrations by the (late) Donald Steven FRCVS on fine white bone china homeware.

Donald Hume Steven FRCVS (1933 - 2005) was an internationally recognised expert in veterinary medicine, a gifted teacher and an accomplished artist. Donald always approached veterinary research and teaching in a cheerful manner, as our Dad he made us roar with laughter, he had a gift of seeing the humorous side of life. Mundane situations, with the use of a sketch, became hilarious!

Reading Veterinary Medicine at Kings College Cambridge Donald went on to become a University Lecturer, a Fellow and Director of Studies at Churchill College. An inspiring teacher who used his talent to illustrate his lectures with lightening diagrams, cartoons and pictures; this wonderful memorial to his life’s work can now be enjoyed with the collection of homeware designed on behalf of the Steven family, by his daughter Lucy Burt-Gray… hence the ‘St’ in St Lucy Designs.

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St Lucy Designs

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